Tim Barnes-Clay

Tim Barnes-Clay

Tim Barnes-Clay qualified as a journalist in 1994 and is a member of the Midland Group of Motoring Writers.

He initially trained in broadcast journalism and has worked as a reporter and news reader at various radio stations in East Anglia and the Midlands.

He has also been a motoring journalist for the Mirror Group‘s L!ve TV cable network and a presenter, reporter and producer at ITV Central in Birmingham.

Tim is now an automotive writer and video presenter, focusing on car reviews. He has media accreditation with motor manufacturers’ press offices, and this enables him to test drive the latest cars. He also attends new vehicle press launches at home and abroad.

For original motoring feature content please get in touch. You can also follow and interact with Tim on Twitter @carwriteups.


Instokk.com, Julie Mitchell, Account Executive:

We contacted Tim for reviews and content that were relevant to our site and what consumers wanted to read about. Tim has always delivered on time and to an exceptional standard. His dominant media presence has also helped us to gain more brand awareness across many social media platforms. It’s a pleasure to work with Tim and we look forward to working with him for many years to come.” 


Safe and Sound from the WMS Group, Steph Newbery, Marketing Manager: 

Tim has done a lot of review work for the WMS Group over the years and I can honestly say he is a delight to work with! Unlike many other motoring journalists, his articles are jargon-free and written in a friendly style, so they are easy for every reader to understand – regardless of their technical knowledge. Tim delivers outstanding work on time and on budget. We highly recommend.” 

Sorted Magazine, Steve Legg, Editor: 

“Tim is one of my favourite feature writers. Engaging copy, stunning images and all on, or before deadline dates. He’s an editor’s dream come true.”

Perrys Motor Sales LimitedTanesha Stafford, Marketing Executive:

“Working with Tim is excellent. He always delivers his articles on time, even when he’s jet setting across the world! We were looking for a writer that could write in a fun, non-jargon style that all of our readers could understand. Tim fits this bill perfectly.  Tim’s always looking for ways to make our content even better, we look forward to producing more great content with him!  

Carfused.com, Nik Andreev, Content Producer:

Tim is truly an expert in his field. Considering he’s almost always abroad reviewing new cars and exploring the motoring world, he always delivers his work on time. Not only that, but he produces content that’s punchy, creative and comes up with ideas all the time. Tim is your guy if you need great motoring content.”  

Confused.com, Adam Jolley, Content Producer:

Working with Tim is excellent. His car reviews are top quality and he writes in a way that’s fun and easy to understand. He always delivers on time and is easy to work with, which is great when it comes to chatting through ideas. Tim also has a good network on social media and he uses this well to amplify our content through the likes of Twitter.”  Kia cee'd Sportwagon Big Load Area

Confused.com, Naphtalia Loderick, Content Editor:

 “Tim Barnes-Clay is every editor’s dream: his copy is tight, he files to deadline and is never over word count, plus he knows his stuff – I couldn’t ask for more. Tim writes car reviews and motoring blogs for Confused.com and his copy is always witty and engaging, with his words bringing even the dullest motor to life. It’s obvious he knows his subject area, plus he has a prominent social media presence which is great when it comes to getting his content and our site exposure. This all helps spread the word to the motor industry that Confused.com does motoring news. I’m glad to have Tim on-board.”  


Kia cee'd Sportwagon Loading Up

Lincolnshire Life Magazine, Geoff Manners, Managing Editor:

“Tim Barnes-Clay regularly writes motoring features for Lincolnshire Life magazine. We use his reviews because they are fair, informative and entertaining. They are also commercially viable because of the car dealer advertising we can place around them, linking national and local campaigns, to get maximum exposure for the brand. We find Tim’s motoring reviews not only useful, but essential content for this type of glossy publication.”

Media Dog Ltd, Rob Shaw, Managing Director:

Tim Barnes-Clay is a first class media professional who I trust with PR advice, journalistic knowledge, and voice over work. I worked with Tim at ITV for five years and he has been a regular freelancer and adviser for Media Dog Ltd for many years. Due to Tim’s wide ranging experience, his passion for the media, and his love of motoring journalism, we have come to rely on Tim and I would recommend others to do the same.”

Too much time at the wheel

LincsMag, Baron Halpenny, Editor-in-Chief:

“Tim Barnes-Clay has become a valuable part of the LincsMag freelance team, delivering professional car reviews that are both entertaining as well as informative. We have found Tim to be honest and reliable, and a man of his word where we have, secure in the knowledge of previous experience that quality content will be provided, dedicated a section of our magazine to his car reviews.  Tim is now LincsMag’s official motoring journalist and does many car reviews exclusively for us.”

Tim with Citroën DS3

CarCliq, Jo Lewis, Director:

We chose Tim Barnes-Clay to be CarCliq’s new car reviewer because we love his punchy, light-hearted journalistic style. His driving impressions are very popular with the many visitors we get to our site every month, as well as our clients. Having a motoring journalist work with us demonstrates our credibility within the automotive industry. We are not just another car selling site – we are as much about great motoring content as we are helping dealers sell their cars.” 

UK Blog Awards, Gemma Newton, Managing Director:

“I would once again like to congratulate you in reaching the final of the UK Blog Awards 2015. This is a great achievement and you are now recognised as being one of the best top ten industry Blogs across the UK.