Arguments and contentious conversations between couples in the car can drive them to distraction.  This is the finding of GEM Motoring Assist – a road safety organisation and breakdown cover company.

In a poll of UK motorists, 74% admitted that their partner critiques their driving while they are in the car together. Almost half in the survey agreed that, while they’re driving, criticism and comments from their partner often lead to heated discussions and debates. What’s more, almost the same number admitted that such disagreements and difficult conversations in the car make them feel more stressed and tense while driving.

Following the results, GEM is concerned that these conversations could distract motorists from concentrating on the driving task in hand, causing them to forget the importance of road safety while caught up in an argument or debate in the car.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: “Although it is common for us all to have disagreements with our partner, it is certainly not appropriate to start a journey or continue driving while under any kind of stress or strain. These situations must be avoided so that driving conditions can be as stress-free and distraction-free as possible.”  

The survey also revealed that if out in company and a contentious discussion with a partner takes place, while half of us will have forgotten it by the end of the evening, 15% will stop the conversation and save it for the car journey home.

Revealing more positive results, the survey showed that almost 95% never engage in an argument on the phone (hands free) while driving. Furthermore, nine out of ten believe that difficult conversations between partners should be kept out of the car and finished off when the journey is complete.

David concludes: “It is vital to make sure tense and strained conversations are not had in the car while driving, even if it means saving them for when back at home. Allowing time to cool off before continuing with contentious conversations will mean motorists can drive with more focus and concentration, and could in the meantime also help diffuse the situation and prevent a potential argument.”



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